• Baja California, Palm Desert Struck Down with 6.9 Magnitude Earthquake

    April 4, 2010 6:20 pm 4 comments
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    We have just received insider reports that a 6.9 magnitude Earthquake just struck the Southern portions of Baja California to Palm Desert. Our people say the region is in chaos as the 45 second earthquake was not predicted and has caused much fire and damage.

    We will provide updates as more details become available.

    Update: 5:32 Mountain
    Tijuana – A powerful 6.9 magnitude earthquake struck down Baja California, Mexico on Sunday, leveling buildings and sending residents into panicked scurries.

    The earthquake reached from the filthy bowels of Tijuana all the way up to American cities Los Angeles and Palm Springs.

    This unfortunate cultural crossroads has been in God’s crosshairs for some time now, namely for allowing Mexicans to sneak into America with drugs and also for supporting dangerous liberal ideas such as abortion and medicinal marijuana usage.

    No word yet from the Mexican consulate on reports of Mexican death, damage or injuries from the Earthquake. More importantly, no Americans have yet been judged to be dead from the quake, only shaken and alert.

    “I’m shaking like a leaf … the pool water was just going everywhere,” said Jean Nelson in Indio, California outside of Palm Springs.

    A Reuters witness in Tijuana said cars in a parking lot outside of a building could be seen being thrown five feet high in the air, due to the quake.

    God has made it quite clear that he’s upset with Mexico and American cities who do not remain vigilant in keeping them out, along with abortion.

    The earthquake struck at 15:40 Pacific time (6:40 p.m. EDT) 16 miles south southwest of Guadalupe Victoria and at a depth of 20 miles. The quake was 108 miles east southeast of Tijuana.

    Multiple aftershocks were reported.

    This is the second time within a year that this Mexico infested region has received judgment.

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