• Barack Obama and 1st Family Earn $5.5 million in 2009

    April 17, 2010 5:13 pm 2 comments
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  • Out of Touch With The Common American

    While millions of good, hard-working Americans struggle to get by day to day in this failing economy, it is great to know that the person responsible for our suffering made $5.5 million dollars last year.

    Barack Hussein Obama is out of touch with the common American. He has an elite Ivy League education and is a millionaire. He does not care about us because he is rich and classist, an elist.

    We all remember how Michelle Obama loves to make fun of homeless people. Then we also saw Barack Obama smirk when the number of jobless Americans hit 12%.

    Senator John McCain warned us of Obama’s arrogance and now America pays the price. We have an Arab Sultan getting to lord over the US masses, and the sham presidency will not be able to end in 2012. My countrymen, let’s not make the same mistake twice and let’s vote for people who believe in America and the common man: Republican.
    Michelle and Barack Obama think we’re all beneath them. They have no humility like good presidents such as President George W. Bush, President George H.W. Bush and United States President and strong Christian Ronald Reagan, rest his soul.

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