• Barack Obama Caught in Another Homosexual Row

    April 21, 2010 9:22 am 14 comments
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    The deprived gay agenda has now even reached the White House. Several months ago reputable sources revealed that Barack Obama is a secret homosexual.

    He supports things like baby murder and terrorists with nuclear weapons because he is gay. He figures that if we think it is normal for someone to be able to kill babies, then we’ll say “well I guess it’s okay for Steveo to diddle Tom in the backside and then go abduct young boys to play twiddle rompus!” Sicko Obama! He wants gays to be able to have their way with our children!

    Now we see more proof of Obama’s secret gayness. Look at him as he caresses this white haired man. I have now caught Obama twice doing this and don’t you find it suspicious that his lips are always lined with dark makeup? He always trys to force us to, support gay marriage which is against America and the Constitution? Why is this?

    Look at the evidence that he has tried to hide.

    I have provided no warning here because, children need to know who all the potential children snatchers is and if Obama is a secret gay as picture evidence keeps proving, then parents must know where he lives and what he looks like at all times. You’re welcome for this service.

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