• Barack Obama, Joe Biden Laught At Homeless Father of 3

    April 17, 2010 11:10 pm 4 comments
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    Barack Obama and his buddy Joe Biden have allegedly laughed at a homeless man who recently attended a town forum. The picture evidence is found above.

    Obama and Biden are cut from the cloth of liberal elite, and this picture shows how they sympathize with the people of America. This father showed up to the meeting to make the case of good Americans who are losing their jobs.

    While Obama continues to give billions of our dollars to Palestinians who try to kill our soldiers, here we have good American fathers of innocent children starving to death, asking their leaders to step up to the plate and create jobs as they have promised.

    Here is Obama’s response to the question this father asked:

    Father: “Mr President. I am a father of three. I lost my wife last year and am still drowning in the hospital bills. I have three daughters and just lost my job this year. My town has no more jobs and we are struggling. We were forced to move to the homeless shelter, which is no place for my girls. What do I do, where are the jobs you promised?”

    Obama and Biden responded:

    This is how they think of common American, and this is more proof of why we need these elitists out of office in 2012. Please tell your friends about this story and how these sick men regard the core people of America.

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