• Bird Infected By Satanic Death Metal

    April 26, 2010 2:29 pm 11 comments
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  • Demons have jumped into this bird as it listens to Satanic death metal. You can see how this bird’s feathers are even disheveled with sin. We saw the video of a poor dog who watched horror movies, then had nightmares in its sleep.

    Satan has no morals and has no qualms with destroying your pests rest with scary dreams. Here we see he uses the power of one of his favorite musics to, resonate within the ears of the bird then allow his demons to inhabit the poor creature.

    I wish I new the address, because I would go ahead and come there with some poisoned worms or such to put this poor fowl out of its misery. Demons can do the same to your children should you allow this filthy tunes to be played in your homes.

    Warning: The following video contains demon infestation and Satanic agenda. Please first pray and then turn your record speakers down to no sound. Then order your women and children to immediately leave.

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