• Black Tea Parties Ruin New Conservative Party Movement

    April 6, 2010 7:06 pm 9 comments
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    The Tea Party is what the GOP used to be: patriotic, chaste, moral. When Barack Hussein Obama attempted to make us all pay for abortions, the Tea Party stepped up and demanded he rescind his dark ambitions. And he did.

    When Obama dared try to make Islam our national religion by wooing crowds with deceptive speeches, the Tea Party threatened to show up and invoke the second amendment! Glory be!

    Even now Obama plots to remove all of America’s God ordained nuclear weapons. The 2nd Amendment gives us the rights to have nukes and strike whoever we see fit! It is in the Constitution and the Tea Party does not take its violation lightly! That is until now.

    Obama is crafty and he has hired secret blacks to infiltrate the ranks of the pure Tea Party. Now don’t try to label me racist!

    This is not a race issue on our part but on Obamas. The proof of which is I like good men like Justice Clarance Thomas and Michael Steele, these are good men and would make great presidents. Let’s not forget Colin Powell of the 90s.

    What is horrible is that Obama is using these secret blacks to make the Tea Party all about racial issues. He is trying to use them to say, the Tea Party does not have enough black leadership so that becomes the talking point, instead of how we should all be concerned that Obama is letting Iran build nukes with Russia while just today he ordered America to get rid of all of our nukes so we are defenseless.

    The Tea Party is the only party detached enough to counter this! Until Obama is out of office, I say we must make sure he does not let any more of his secret gules team onboard and therefore by executive order we should, put a halt on certain people getting to join up in any official leadership capacity. Then when in 2012 comes, we can run a proper candidate for US president.

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