• Carl Levin With No Decency, Drops S Bomb 11 Times to Goldman Sachs Executives

    April 27, 2010 1:29 pm 13 comments
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    Carl Levin rips Goldman execs with some salty language in firm’s alleged ‘unethical’ bet on housing markets as hearing kicks off with theatrics of a show trial. | VIDEO

    Carl Levin is a disgrace to America’s political process.

    Carl Levin needs to be impeached, as he used his mouth to verbally berate several of our leading businessmen of Goldman Sachs.

    Levin abused these men by dropping the “S bomb” on them 11 times.

    As Democratic senators all took turns trying to blame hard-working Americans for the state of our economy, Levin went well over the lien of decency in discourse by bluntly accusing Goldman Sachs executives of knowingly “trying to sell a sh-tty deal” to investors.

    First off, this is not a practice of innocent until proven guilty? Legislators should have respect for America’s judicial process. Also, Goldman Sachs executives are not the blame for American’s political turmoil; we can trace such back to Bill Clinton’s reckless lack of spending on our military, which left us weak and allowed 9/11 to occur.

    9/11 crippled America’s economy and 9/11 is the result of democrats failing to support our troops and our young men and women who bravely defend this country. Instead of making sure our sons and daughters stay alive when facing the enemy, they would rather take your money and give it to lazy, non-working people in our nation’s socialist communes (i.e., ghettos).

    And then they have the audacity to lecture executives from Goldman Sachs, a firm whose leadership has levied much charity and tax money for America, proving their worth and strong moral ethics by its line of profit.

    When reviewing the books, clearly the accountants have a few things they should keep an eye on and make a bit more efficient. However, these are hardly things that allow such berating by Senator Levin.

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