• China Stripped of 2000 Gymnastics Medal for Underage Girl Gymnasts

    April 28, 2010 10:20 pm 1 comment
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  • As we long suspected, China cheats at Olympic sports. After they somehow managed to defeat the US Olympic Gymnastics team, we heard insider reports which suggested the Chinese had the audacity to use underage gymnasts.

    People tried to say ChristWire’s claims were biased and not trustworthy, due to our userbase and authors being from predominantly white, Western countries.

    As it turns out, the Chinese are cheaters and no good. They do use underage gymnasts and they must now renounce all their Olympic medals. I hate to say it, but we told you so:

    China was stripped of a team all-around bronze medal from the Olympics on Wednesday because it fielded an underage gymnast. Dong Fangxiao was discovered to be 14 at the time of those Games, two years younger than the minimum age requirement.

    The medal will be given to the United States team which finished fourth in Sydney. The IOC has asked for China to return the medals “as soon as possible” so they can be reallocated to the U.S. team.

    The action comes 20 months after China was accused of doctoring the ages of at least two of its gymnasts at the Beijing Games. Those allegations became a focal point of the 2008 Games but were quickly hushed up by the IOC after it cleared China following a sham investigation which basically consisted of the Olympic governing body asking China if they were really, really sure that the gymnasts were of age. When China said “yes” and produced passports and ID cards, the IOC dropped the matter, seemingly content to let the controversy pass and not risk offending its Olympic hosts.

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