• Chivalry, Love, and Peace: A Thing of The Past?

    April 29, 2010 12:08 pm 14 comments
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  • My fellow comrads:

    I fear that Love, Chivalry, and Peace are far behind us and have been replaced with Wrath, Corruption and disrespect. I am so asshamed of what the nation has become today.

    Where did Chivalry go? What happened to young men opening doors and pulling out chairs for young ladies out of the goodness of their hearts? What happened to boys of today even being called, “Young Men”? And, as far as I’m concerned the girls of today are not girls at all! They’re meaningless sluts who crave money, power, and sex! Thus, they do not even deserve the title of, “young lady”!

    And then there’s Peace! What happened? Did you all bow down to your evil and just give up?! Just like that?! Did you give in to your enemy? Or did you give in to the Devil himself and fall for his lies as your parents and forefathers before you? I’m not saying I haven’t done so in the past, but as for me, I’ve learned from such mistakes! If your meaningless country means so much to you and you’re SO proud of it as you say, then fucking defend it! Keep it peaceful! Do not turn into a communist nation! That won’t do you any good!

    Finally, Love. … … … … … So, did you destroy that as well when you decided to give in to your evil? You say you love your McDonalds, love your Burger Kings, and love your sit-on-your-ass-all-day lifestyle? So, why not love one another? I must question if you even know the true definition of love? What is it to you? Just another word to describe how much you like something that has no other purupose than to give you energy for the day? You people of today make me sick to my stomach!

    I, Yokoshima Kami, challenge the free peoples of the American Nation to truly Love someone other than themselves and show me that you are not lying sacks of shit! Prove to me that you’re not as big of fools as you let on!! Show me this and I will grant you the courage, glory, and pride you deserve.


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