• Do You Want Men Dressed As Women Teaching Your Kids

    April 12, 2010 3:56 pm 32 comments
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  • Do you want men dressed as
    women teaching your kids?

    America is in peril. “President” Barack Hussein Obama and the Democrats who control Congress, passing bills which force us to pay for abortions and health services for illegal aliens, are passing through dangerous legislation that will destroy your children.

    Barack Obama and the Congressional Democrats are secretly pushing through legislation (H.R. 3017 & S. 1584) that will allow transgenic cross-dressing teachers into your child’s classrooms.

    Using the power of modern science and clothing stores, these teachers are making their bodies appear to switch genders, phenotypically.

    The women teachers are using testosterone to grow beards and Adam’s apples, while the men are developing milk nipples and curvy hips due to estrogen therapy. They will do these things and dress in opposite clothing, then trying to convince your students that Mr. Steve McAllister is now Mrs. Nancy Carol and this is all normal and acceptable.

    Under this dangerous act, your children will be trapped in classes taught by male “Dragon Queens” and even transgender child danglers. It is a well known fact that homosexuals prey on children and this dangerous law is giving them direct access to trapping your children alone in classrooms and disturbing their minds with undue thoughts.

    Students will be indoctrinated to think that “alternative lifestyles” are somehow no different than traditional lifestyles. Children will be taught that Mom and Dad are “perverts” for having a normal, God-ordained union between man and woman.

    Our children will be taught it is okay to touch the same gender in sexual ways. This is already happening in some states and parents cannot do anything about it. Schools are forcing children to accept a gay teacher’s advances and to just smile and let it happen, for saying otherwise is now against law.

    Parents do not want their children to be dangled by homosexuals. You worry that one of the next victims of teacher molesting a student could be your child, so you want to move to action.

    This San Francisco radical bill goes too far, but thankfully we have stepped to the plate to fight back. With our new alliance, The Traditional Values Coalition, there will now be a strong stance against ENDA (Employment Non-Discrimination Act).

    We will sign this petition and spread it to every concerned parent out there. This issue is not about politics. It is about protecting our children from preying homosexuals; the predators of children.

    The gays are frightening and will not stop looking for ways to corrupt our society, and what better crop to pick than the mind of the innocent. They will poison the minds of our kids and make them do sick things, festering their souls until they grow old and rotten with blight, in death being cast to the pits of hell as America’s next generation has been indoctrinated to practice and accept gay lifestyles.

    Let us do our Constitutional duty and protect our children from gay aggressors.

    Sign this petition NOW. Let Obama, Reid, Pelosi and whatever other gay-supporting sodomist know that their liberal agenda ends now. They cannot have our children. They WILL NOT have a cross-dresser telling your children that it is okay to pull down pants for a spanking after a missed assignment.

    Cross-dressing teachers and gay child stalkers have no place in our classroom, so protect your child by signing the petition right now before it is TOO LATE.

    Stop Gay Teachers: Sign the ENDA Petition NOW

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