• Elian Gonzalez is a Communist Traitor

    April 6, 2010 3:35 pm 10 comments
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    This is exactly why we must never lift our boycott of Cuba:

    See that boy in the picture, the one in a Soviet terrorist’s clothing? That is little Elian Gonzalez, the migrant boy our nation tried to protect from the wiles of communism. He has been brainwashed and now dresses in the enemy’s clothing, no loyalty in his heart for the country that tried to save him.

    Sure, it was too bad that Clinton was president when Gonzalez needed our help most, but that is no excuse. Bush would have let the boy stay here where he would have been raised proper, but instead now we see he teams with the like of Castro, Stalin and Chavez.

    If Elian were to come back to America now, he would only do so with his Cuban comrades at his side and an Ak-47 in his hand, trying to gun down the free spirit that dwells in our nation.

    Remember when we tried to help Fidel Castro, how he repayed us by sneaking nukes into Cuba and then trying to bomb President John Fitzgerald Kennedy? Fortunately, we caught the Russians/Cubans in their conspiracy to nuke America.

    Now we see, nothing has changed in Cuba. They are just as immoral and back-stabbing as the Iraqis who refuse to thank us for bringing them freedom. Just like the Iraqis won’t give us some oil in tribute, the Cubans will never give us a true hand of friendship or loyalty.

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