• Gay Politician Caught in Straight Sex Scandal

    April 2, 2010 8:23 am 27 comments
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    We see the gays have an all new sick agenda, this time by trying to trick normal people into getting mad over gay adultery.

    According to news sources from AN, a gay politician from San Francisco (surprise, surprise) was snared in a straight sex scandal.

    The gay community in the new sin-soaked city claim they are “reeling” after their politician Ted Sand, a homo councilman from their 5th district, was allegedly caught drunk driving and taken into custody early Monday morning.

    What was shocking is that his passenger, an exotic dancer named Betty Knox, who worked at a porn club named the Tender Pussycat which is in Oakland, California.

    According to reports, Knox was “engaged in a dangerous high-speed sex act with Knox”, the the gay tried to refute this claim by stating he was just giving the whore mother of two “a ride to her home”.

    After this report surfaced, another woman named Gloria Allred purportedly came forward to announce she also had normal un-wedlock sex with Sand.

    Sand has been a long time adversary of morality and promoter of disgusting same-sex marriage. Now we see he like to willy-tangle in a woman’s secret parts in sin, but there is another issue here bigger than him burning in hell for gay, adultery and premarital fornication with a woman.

    There is a secret gay agenda here and Sand is trying to use advanced Roman politics on us. Sand is trying to come out with this gay scandal so we all get angry about him fornicating with a married stripper with children. He is also involved in a “gay relationship” with another man and he wants us to say he “cheated” on him and get angry.

    Too bad we are onto the gay agenda on this one. They think if society starts to scorn man politicians who cheat on their gay boyfriends, it will make being gay look normal. They fantasize that they will be forced to step down from office.

    I hope Sand realize he just dug himself a deeper hole than ever before. Now when he faces judgment, he’ll have to answer for being gay and fornicating with women outside marriage. Also, trying to trick everyone into thinking you should be upset over a “gay sex scandal”.

    The bottom line is we do not care what you gays do, just stay out of our politics and life. I would like every gay to repent and choose to stop being wicked by using their parts in unnatural ways, but that is their choice.

    They may choose to keep sinning and then burn in hell for all time. More power to them, but just stay out of my country’s laws, my kid’s lives and most importantly keep your sin in your own home and let America be. Christian.

    We are founded on the principles of morality which has roots in our Lord and Savior, amen.

    A gay named Willem Chambers apparently stated of all this:

    “I don’t know what to think.” “Sure, we are extremely disappointed, and slightly disgusted. But even if it’s true, it will never take away from all he’s accomplished.”

    We know that is a sack of veil lies . The gays had a meeting a planned this whole “scandal” out to just try to spread their agenda and gain some popularity. Guess what gays? We are on to you and the fire in hell burns so hot that it can make sand on the beach into glass.

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