• Gays Create New ABC Hero Comic To Trick Children

    April 3, 2010 6:56 pm 25 comments
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    The gays are at it again. We all know gay people love hero “comic” books, because the name makes kids put their guard down and think it’s all about laughs and super heroes, when the truth is it is just a ploy by gays to corrupt the minds of the innocent and then dally them!

    We’ve already revealed how DC “comics” and Marvel “comics” have been part of the homogay agenda, with characters such as Superman,  Spiderman, Bat-man and even Wonder Women having gay/lezzi moments.

    Only months ago we prayed and got the gay’s favorite comic site, Scans Daily, shut down by the hand of God. God got tired of them freely posting their filth on the internet and banned them.

    Now we see they have once more teamed with comics to create a gay alphabet hero comic book. They use comic characters and they all do something corrupt and evil in each one.

    Notice how on J they use pink and a gayly posed man. I also see village people putting the woo on Yoda in the Y, and then if you look at W you see they try to use Wonder Women the feminist to tempt men into supporting that sick lifestyle.Warning: The following comic book is homogay agenda. Please first pray and then have all women/children immediately exit the room before viewing. If you print this to show to parenting group please also burn all paper it is printed upon when the meeting is over.

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