• Gays Invent Penazzling

    April 22, 2010 11:50 pm 34 comments
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    Well we should have known it would come to this. Gays love to prey upon our sons and really lick their chops when they go off to college. Gays think “oh, little Johnny is off on his own now so let’s get him drunk and experiment with twiddler rompus with no parents around!”

    It’s a great concern to send boys off to college, there are many threats. Our good friend Derek Van Buren warned us about how college girls are vajazzling their secret parts to cause academic young men to register into various classes of sin. Then Dan Nordgren issued a timely warning about how the gays are always on the prowl, constantly looking for ways to bother normal men.

    Now we know gays tend to be artistic and tedious (therefore their, usual job choices of e.g., 1) secretary 2) nurse 3) fashion designs and so on), but their newest invention is probably the most hell bent thing I’ve seen yet.

    When I first received an alert for this in holymailbox, I closed my eyes and just hoped it wasn’t but a dream. I’ve never been so sick and angered! I did not even want to acknowledge this is happening in colleges. Being a parent of a college son, I have enough stress with minority drugs from the sports teams, these new whore vajazzlers and atheist professors.

    But now what do you know, the gays caught wind of how vajazzlers are corrupting our boys with glittered sex assaults, and now they are adorning their twiddles with diamonds because they no college kids are poor.

    All gays are now following a step by step procedure called penazzling.  They want to put jewels down there and then make normal college students fish them out, perhaps to trade them for extra cash to get textbooks or foodstuffs.

    They are exploiting the poor pockets of college students and using it to trick them into gay touches and worse!  Sickos and they will burn!  Look at their manual!  Warning:  The following documentation contains offensive images and reveals a new part of the homogay agenda.  Fervently pray for these homos to burn and then demand women and children of any age to leave the room before reviewing.

    Gay Agenda Creates Penazzling – Moral AlertThe www internet links below veil images that contain the gay agenda. Do not allow any of these to be clicked with women or children present within the same room. Thank you.

    Evidence 1: Gay Agenda Penazzling

    Now on this next one we see a gay hairstylist removing a man’s natural pride hair to make the area smooth for gay jewels.
    Evidence 2: Gay Agenda Penazzling 2

    I still haven’t quite figured out the next one but urbans blacks must somehow be involved from the gang sign.

    Evidence 3: Gay Agenda Penazzling 3

    Photo Evidence 4: Gay Agenda Penazzling 4

    Photo Evidence 5: Gay Agenda Penazzling 5 (sick)

    Please feel free to take a few minutes to heave from this filth.

    Fellow parents, this is sick. Sometimes I just grow weary because the gays never give up on trying to find ways to molest kids, even when they are in college.

    I know the stats don’t lie and for everyone one gay, four children get molestered. I know it but still I’m just bewildered at the lengths these sick Satan whores will go through to corrupt our children.

    Right now we need to pray. Gays are hellbound and they will never stop trying to find ways to get more to jump onto their bandwagon. Let us please pray that they get seared for all eternity. Let us pray for our sons in college because they have so many threats to face that try to knock them off the path God has chosen for their lives.

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