• Gays Now Design Giant Anus As Children’s Playground Equipment

    April 19, 2010 11:50 am 23 comments
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    The trickster gays have struck yet again. This time we see these hellbound savages have used their powers of design for evil once more. Lookit their newest creation:

    Yes, that’s a giant anus and the intestines attached to it. They have designed this to become playground equipment for school’s worldwide.

    They want little Johnny to think “Oh boy! Let’s go run through that giant puckered thing and then play in the tubes. We all know gays love to shove poor levitated mice and rodents up there, then squeal as the poor creatures suffocate to death!

    So this must be their ultimate fantasy, kids running around in their intestines. Notice how the gays also put a trap door on the side, so when your kids go into play the gays can show up in the dark tunnels and surprise them with some of their gay tactices of paddy caking where they don’t belong!

    Parents, gays love to corrupt children. For everyone one gay, four children are in grave danger.

    This newest toy is but a small part of their ongoing agenda to dangle your child for their sick ends and I will be so happy when at the end of time, every single one of them BURNS in hell for all time.

    Make sure this spring that your school and local playgrounds do not have this equipment. If so, demand the council remove it or let them know that the parents will organize a group and burn it down! Protect our children.

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