• Gays Support HomoDonkey Racing

    April 11, 2010 3:14 pm 5 comments
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    My fellow White Christian Americans,
    In the sinful country of Ireland, Homogays support the illegal racing of faggish donkeys. They place enormous bets financed by their sinful jobs such as the Irish Satanic Porn (ISP)industry. This heathen country should follow the fine example our fellow Americans are setting and follow our Lord into the paradise our country has become, free from the homogay agenda and black savages.
    The Pope has recently condemned the immoral sinners of this corrupt and religiously backwards country for their

    “Proper Pregnant Prostitutes”
    as was recently quoted by local priest Cominic Noward, one of Our Lord’s most devout followers in the cesspit of sin known as Ireland.
    Bishop Natthew Hellamy has called the homo-run donkey-racing scenario:

    “The last straw in a Biblical mountain of gay and sin-ridden acts that will send the cused homogays straight to the fiery depths of Hell, unless they immediately renounce their wicked ways.”

    I, as a parent of Myson Fritter, one of the leading conservative political opposers to the appalling acts that Ireland has witnessed, am absolutely confident that with the help of God,truth and moral-rightness shall prevail and these houses of homo-gambling shall be burned to the ground.http://christwire.org/submit-a-link/

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