• Ghost Hunters Speak to Princess Caroline via “EVP”

    April 13, 2010 3:32 pm 27 comments
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  • Ghost Hunters is a very scary tv show in which two men, named Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, use their devil powers to speak to the supernatural.

    When this show was first revealed to me, I was highly skeptical that it was no more than parlor tricks and slights of hands. Now after reviewing this show extensively, it is definitely just as bad as South Park or even Family Guy.

    While those aforementioned shows use debauchery, we can now see this show actually “taps” straight in to hell; hence the name of their group, TAPS.

    In this particular clip, we see they have somehow harnessed the technology to speak to ghost demons that Satan has deployed to various locations across the world. This particular one was apparently Princess Caroline and while she waits for ultimate judgment and no escape from hell, Satan has let her stay in a room at what’s called The Mount Washington Hotel.

    The scariest thing here is that they use this “EVP” (electronic voice phenomena) to allow Satan’s crew to whisper into their microphones and then into the hearts of America. If you listen carefully, you can hear this one says, “Of course I’m in here, where are you?” And that’s only the tip of the chilling iceberg.

    This is the beginning of the end and how people end up getting possessed. This show is dangerous and they are trying to pass it off as fun for all ages. This is just frightening and we will continue to reveal this show and demand SyFy take it off the air. Warning: The following video media contains footage and audio of a speaking devil power. Please immediately pray and anoint your room with blessed Virgin Olive Oil, and then after anointing your women/children, order them to immediately leave the room and continue praying.

    Moral Rating – S for Sinister (includes demonic rituals, Ouija summoning, speaks to the deceased, unnatural science, false prophets, deception to the masses, satanic alliances, ghost demons, satanic voices)

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