• God Warns Midwest about Gays With Massive Fireball Sent From Outer Space

    April 15, 2010 10:13 pm 12 comments
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  • A giant fireball was spotted over the Midwest last night, with reports coming in from four different states. It is reported that Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin and even Indiana bore witness to this great fireball from the heavens.

    For 15 minutes straight, the fireball seen above ominously loomed toward Earth. A fireball so large could have only been thrown by God!

    Months ago Pastor Jack warned everyone that God threw a space rock at Earth, but only missed by a few inches because it was a warning shot.

    Then only weeks later, I caught a NASA picture which revealed God’s hand in space. I told everyone that it was God reaching into the ovens of heaven, to pull out a giant meteor and hurl it straight toward Earth!

    The gays and atheists laughed and said I was crazy, but now look at the proof!

    This giant fireball was the very same one I saw God grab in that picture! He threw it to warn all gays that he will not hesitate to pelt them until they lay dead from getting stoned to death with hell fire stones!

    A stoning from a mob of good Christians is nothing compared to a meteor powered stoning from God! Glory!

    God was still giving us warning, as he purposefully slung this pitch just a few feet off course with striking San Francisco or perhaps the entire state of Massachusetts. Whatever the case, this is definitive proof that God will smite all those who stand before him with their gay sins, with a fiery fastball from heaven itself. You have been warned!

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