• Google Changes Its Name To Topeka

    April 1, 2010 4:55 am 7 comments
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  • Today as I went to Google to search for more things to boycott, I found that Google itself has done a great thing! Google has changed its name to Topeka after the moral capital of Kansas.

    Topeka, Kansas, is the place where our good friend Fred Phelps lives. In this town Pastor Fred has established the Westboro Baptist Church, who perseveres to let everyone know that God does not condone gay.

    What a great thing to do to show your support for America and Christianity than by showing your support for Fred Phelps’ city.

    Here is a look at Google’s new logo:

    Upon researching Google’s great news even more, we see that even on their campus they have already changed their name to Topeka, KS.

    This is only more proof of why Google is such a great and successful company. They have a great sense of what the American people want and that is a rise of morality and embracing our nation’s Christian heritage. Google could have chosen to name itself after any city, but deep in their hearts they know the message of Pastor Fred Phelps and his city of Topeka is what America does need.

    Now some dog liberals will try to claim that Obama has his charcoal demon hands in Topeka, with hiring that mean womean Katheleen Sebelius as in charge of our nation’s health.

    Sebelius tried to trick us all by sneaking in abortions with Obamacare but we caught her red-handed. Even though she is from Kansas, we see that the state is Godly as proven by how it voted for Team Noble Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin over the inexperienced Obama and whoever is their vice president.

    So that makes the liberal argument pointless and the fact that Google, an American company made wealthy by the will of GOD, is now named Topeka more proof of the God ordained switch of their names.

    Topeka has named itself Google, Kansas and now Google has named itself Topeka. It is beautiful to see powerful American businesses embrace a Christian city so I say hooray to Topeka and all the fine people who work there, and also to Google, KS, for being a great example of Christians with your leader Fred Phelps.

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