• Hitler Without A Moustache (photo)

    April 3, 2010 7:26 pm 34 comments
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    Oft times when we see modern politicians like Obama or Biden, it is hard to see them as becoming a threat to America.

    When we think political threat, it is easy to think “Hitler”, “Stalin” or Chinese “Mao”. All these men were wicked, probably Hitler more than the others.

    The important thing to remember is that Hitler was a Socialist Democrat, just like Biden, Stalin, Obama and Mao. What’s even scarier, is that if we update the old pictures of Hitler (black and white, with odd moustache) we see he doesn’t look any different than a liberal you’ll see screaming in the Senate’s rotunda.

    The shock value of this image has filled your heart with fear. Look at the image of Hitler to the right. It looks just like any other politician, and we know that Hitler was a social democrat. Any current Democrat could be Hitler.

    Let’s not forget this and vote for more trustworthy people in the upcoming elections. If you love life you would not vote for a NAZI, so let’s not take the risk of putting Hitler in disguise in office. Always say no to Democratic NAZIs.

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