• How To Topeka’d Something (Formerly Googling or Googled)

    April 1, 2010 6:23 am 1 comment
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  • As our good friend Abe Goodman revealed today in breaking news, internet super-giant Google.com has renamed itself Topeka.

    Google has opted to name itself after American city Topeka, Kansas, a place well-known as a bastion of technological progress and Christian morality.

    What a great community to become the new standard for Google.

    So as we see Google changes its name to Topeka, what does that mean for modern culture? The main change, other than now having to probably type , will be a change to our American lexicon.

    Instead of “googling” something, you’ll now be “Topekaling” something. You’ll tell your friends to Topeka something to lean about it themselves.

    To help explain this process a bit more, Topeka (formerly Google) has created a chart to help you learn the new lexicon lingo.

    This is an exciting development as Topeka, KS, is a noted city of morality. It proudly houses the Westboro Baptist Church (home of Fred Phelps) and the people there heavily supported our Christian Senator John McCain.

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