• Hugh Heffner Helps Save Hollywood Sign from US

    April 27, 2010 2:37 pm 6 comments
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  • Hugh Hefner is now an eternal enemy of God and country. As you know, we have campaigned for the last 5 years to have the sinful Hollywood sign removed from over LA.

    We argued, that the sign is an offense to Christians and therefore should not be the burden of the taxpayer. Finally, politicians listened and also due to the budget crisis, agreed to remove the sign so as not to waste our money on its upkeep.

    Our prayers were being answered, but then Satan unleashed his wild card! A whore monger named Hugh Heffner!

    Hugh is an old man who wears robes and fornicates with prostitutes and then puts them into magazines to corrupt young men. He uses flsh play to tempt young teens into thinking about unnatural things and giving him money to do so.

    So imagine my lack of surprise to find out Heffner has now put up almost $1 million of his own money to ruin our ChristWire against Hollywood sign campaign! He is starting a counter-campaign to lobby California legislature to allow the sign to remain, and he is offering to maintain it himself!

    God does not like Hollywood, it is full of defector socialists and pornography. It is against America and now Hugh Heffner has lost all chance of repenting for his years of mongering whores. I guess he will never have to ask for a light for his cigar where he is going.

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