• Ignoramus Obama Wants To Land on an Asteroid

    April 16, 2010 12:50 am 16 comments
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  • Obama is delusional. He is way out of touch with reality. He is out of sink with the pulse of America.

    Our President George W. Bush had noble aspirations for our country. He wanted us to reach for the stars. To dare dream the impossible can be within touch again.

    Bush challenged us to reach the moon by 2020, Mars soon after that. The hearts and mind of a new generation were inspired by the challenge of a great president.

    Now, Obama has dashed those hopes and dreams. Instead of reaching for the stars, he’d rather reach into our pockets and redistribute wealth. He has tore down our military and our economy. Obama has crumbled our once great security.

    Obama has told NASA that America will not return to the moon. Obama has slashed NASA’s funding and taken away our ability to fly to space. We have to beg Russia for a ride and in 2012, will not be able to send any astronauts to space. All this while Asia and Europe heavily develop their space program and challenge their bright youth, their hope for tomorrow, to know that they can reach for the stars and beyond. It is their reality.

    Obama has made a false goal for NASA. “Let’s land on an asteroid in 25 years!” This is Obama’s idea for a space administration, and it is foolish. The goal is laughable and no one takes Obama seriously. It’s just a sham to bide his time while he slowly dismantles America, so our scraps can be picked up by every foreign hyena waiting to dine on our fallen power and glory.

    The world laughs as America falls, all at the hands of Obama. Asteroids.

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