• Islam Arrests All Women with Tans, Calls them “Walking Mannequins”

    April 29, 2010 3:35 pm 21 comments
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  • Islam is a very scary religion that is practiced by terrorists who live in the Middle East.

    These people call themselves “Muslims” and at the core of their religion, believe that having a make-war with America and attacking our fair people is the key to their salvation.

    Underlying this very frightening mindset, the Islam community also has great disrespect for females: it is dominated by patriarchy.

    Today, Islam has announced that it will arrest and stone to death all women who look like they have tans. The nation of Iran, under the iron fist of Terror Czar Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has dictated an edict which requires any one who has been tanned by the Sun to be stoned by an endless barrage of rocks, then arrested.

    How sad is it that this day and age, women must be scared to wander outside and let the Sun kiss their flesh?

    This is only more evidence to why we must be the light of the world and its America’s duty to introduce freedom, Democracy and God to these troubled people. Our armies should occupy this land and help them fall under the commands of a fair government, crafted at the hands of astute US leaders. It has worked for Japan and Iraq, and now, Iran. Islam is the new Communism, and it must be contained and eradicated, so all on Earth may know the love and joy of American peace under God and love for country, and our neighbors.

    Please pray for the Islam nations, so they may too see the light and know Christ can save them from their wicked ways. Let us also pray for their women, as they endure such hardships until we once more send our armies to save their lives from tyranny.

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