• Japanese Create Sick New Gay Crab Mouth Sex Acts Video

    April 16, 2010 8:35 am 7 comments
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    Just when I thought the Japanese could not get any more low and depraved, they have proved me wrong once again.

    As I logged onto YouTube from a public library today to see what sick sort of videos to warn you about today, I could hardly keep from dry heaving up my beef bourguignon meal from last night!

    We all know Asian men are kind of fruity. They shave off their moustache and leg hairs so as to make themselves impossible to tell from their women. I also just assume they’re all boys as it makes more sense.

    Whatever the case, they have no created a foul video in which they spread the gay agenda. They create a game where they gather in a circle and laugh as the contestants put a sick crab in their mouths, then have to do mouth sex acts with the next guy to pass it along. This video is for edification and more proof of why Japan is veiled evil that is better off just put down if you know what I mean if they attack us again. Warning -Doublesin: The following video contains Asian propaganda and is a game for the homogay agenda. Immediately command your wife to leave the room and order her to take any of your children with her until you call for them.

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