• Jennifer Love Hewitt Vajazzles with Mexicans

    April 28, 2010 10:30 am 13 comments
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  • It has only been weeks since our friend Derek van Buren warned us about Vajazzling, the newest threat to your college son, and now we see already the Mexicans and Hollywood are capitalizing on it.

    As I searched YouTube for more videos to warn everyone about this week, I thought to see if whores were uploading videos of themselves doing this and then trying to link it to boys in their college classes, to trick tehm and get them all enticed. Devilwhores!

    But instead, I see a Mexican tv show conspirting with Hollywood actresses named Jennifer Love Hewitt. I see that he is encouraging her and other celebrities to make this threat national, but them all trying to make girls think it is so cool to vajazzle to entice men!

    Boys go to college to learn stuff more gooder, you whore women! Not look at your sparkly satan treats! These antics are going to burn you down there and not stop burning until you are all in hell, for the bible says tempt not the innocent!

    Boys are still usually innocent and fresh from the home when they get to college, but then start hanging around ethnic drugs from the basketball team and now these whore girls who bespectacle their satan gardens with sparkling crops of sin! Whoes!

    I am so frustrated rightr now and I am going to find this Mexican show and demand they go stick to their own YouTube. Thank God who are sending our robot drones down there to get them all!

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