• Jon Stewart, Steve Carrell and Stephen Colbert Spread Homogay Agenda

    April 12, 2010 12:45 pm 24 comments
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  • Shield the eyes of the innocent, for the gays strike once again.

    We all know that statistics: for every one gay, four children get improperly diddled. Over 73% of the STIs in America are attributed to these people and their pervert bedroom activities. Last year a staggering 2% of Americans announced they were gay (coincidentally, the same number of self-professing atheists) and by direct correlation, America had its worst economy and crime since the time Hitler was coming to power. It is all related.

    Despite the fact that most Americans know that since gays are marinated in the foul juices of homosexuality, they will burn in the firepits of hell for all time, Satan still convinces people to keep making a weird choice to tinkle others’ secret parts of the same kind.

    We now see liberal media idols Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and actor Steve Carrell proudly join in the putrid parade of ped gay. They have stripped their shirts away and are trying to lure their main demographic, young college boys, your sons, into looking up their flesh.

    They lure young men with “jokes” that are against “authority”, then slip in a brainwashing skit about how it’s okay to twiddle rompus with your roommates and then sashay around without shirts. Sickos!

    I wish we could still form morality mobs and carry out locale justice, because I would gather stones and lead the righteous against these liberal media sickos. They try to pervert our children with their celebrity antics and words, then use that authority to get them to bend over their morality in ways that are against our Constitution, country and God!

    Jon Stewart is liberally Jewish and already has much for which to atone, but now he can add GAY SUPPORT to his resume for hell! Stephen Colbert tries to use reverse psychology to trick us all, but he is nothing but a veil wolf in a sheep’s skin. Baaaa I hope he yells as Satan burns the wool right off in his eternal suffering!

    Steve Carrell acts in non-funny movies and yet still gets new deals. Deals with Satan.

    These men have now crossed the line of political debauchery to perverting nature and God’s creation. Let them all burn with the rest of the gay shaft that plagues the fruitful crops of reproduction meant to be had by all married creation on Earth. Warning: The following video media contains the homogay agenda and is a recruiting tool of the liberal media. Immediately order your women/children to leave the room before reviewing for your local parenting/media watch group.

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