• Justin Bieber Teams with Satan to Fornicate Our Daughters

    April 2, 2010 9:28 pm 94 comments
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  • Justin Bieber poses with rapper Ludacris, after a genre team-up where they woo young girls with Satanic lyrics, girly voices like teen Michael Jackson and lustful eye stares.

    We all know Satan is constantly looking for ways to fornicate our daughters. Thank goodness our good friend Amber Cooper reminded us of how Satan is using dirty  prom dresses to get our daughters loose and pregnant.

    Now if that was not enough to concern us parents right during prom season, we have an all new threat to worry about: Justin Bieber.

    Justin Bieber is a new teenage singer who croons to young girls about how they should start dangling their sallies for all to see. This is sick and the type of thing that corrupted Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan to become the devilwhores they is. Let us not forget about Olivia Munn on that game channel, where she uses devil powers to expose herself.

    All these young women were corrupted by Satan and now he wants to do the same thing to your daughter. He has improved his game and slyly employed this new Bieber boy to be a ‘teen idol’, so girls will sway around and get worked up, then go let a stranger they met on Myspace have his way with them and lurer young boys.

    Ever since this Bieber started singing his songs and girls buying his cds, did you know that there has been a 7% increase in girls talking alone to  strangers on Myspace.  Bieber’s lyrics are directly correlated to girls do this risky behavior.

    What’s worse is that as I researched this boy, I find that he is also teaming up with the blacks to do hipped hipped videos, which adds the black culture elements of drug sales, gay lesbian women basketball, gang violence and crack prostitutes to the list of things his music will try to make your daughters “experiment” with.

    I’ve seen enough and have written his record label an angry letter warning of boycott if he does not immediately change his ways and do Christian music. I also order all you parents on behalf of God to throw away or set to bonfire to any CDs or magazines that your daughters may have that feature this boy.

    This boy is dangerous because he is young and probably has a long Satan tickled career ahead of him. He will keep tricking your daughters into thinking about things their bodies are not programmed to think about (e.g., fornicating boys, lesbian, black culture dangers) and then they will end up diseased and pregnant. This boy is singing songs with blacks thugs named Ludicris of all things, so that should be all the warning you need.

    I cannot stress enough how much danger your daughters are in if they listen to this boy’s music. Do your job parents and get it out of her mind and your home! Warning: The following music video contains Satanic lyrics and ploy to fornicate your daughters. Please first pray and then have all women/children immediately leave the room before reviewing.

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