• Lady Gaga Holding a Zoo Animal (picture)

    April 1, 2010 9:46 am 13 comments
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    For months now I have warned all parents to remain diligent in their efforts to ban their children from Lady Gaga music.

    As you know, Lady Gaga is a secret man. Photo evidence we have exposed in the past gives great suspicion that down below Gaga has a boy’s secret part.s.

    Then Gaga tries to lure children with catchy beats and false hip shakes, all to get teenagers to lust and then find out the it is really a man!

    There is nothing gays love more than confused young men so Gaga is clearly a part of the homogay agenda. This following picture is just more proof of the fact.

    You can tell by the hair and the chin that something sinister is afoot and it is not women.

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