• Lady Gaga is a Lesbian Vampire

    April 29, 2010 8:24 am 4 comments
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  • Well first we discovered that Lindsay Lohan is a lesbian vampire. After the Satanic movie Twilight was released, a constantly warned parents, “Beware, beware! Vampirism upon your children is nigh! Beware!”

    Many parents ignored my call to take heed, and now we see what happens to those who ignore the righteous!

    Already kids have attacked their classmates in schools, and even the whores of Hollywood are not immune. Today we see that even the dangerous redcoat Amy Winehouse is a vampire. Let us look at her teeth and this scary picture:

    You can see that much like vampires who spread the plague during the atheist inspired dark ages, Gaga has vampiric teeth. These are the same teeth that adorn Satan’s mouth.

    According to this article, Lady Gaga is eating babies, meaning she is trying to convert them into demon houses by eating their insides, much as evolutionists and abortionists want to team together to do to all children.

    I hope everyone knows that those who believe in abortion or practice vampire games with their friends will burn in hell. This includes Twilight orgies and abortion tokes that is spreading like fire through high schools where parents don’t intercede in the children’s life by banning them from 1) Twilight vampires 2) Gaga music. Thank you.

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