• Michelle Obama To Wear More Tasteful Clothing this Spring

    April 20, 2010 6:21 pm 5 comments
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  • After numerous reports and emails about the questionable fashion choice of Michelle Obama, it is delightful to see she is toning her raunchy, inappropriate styles down this spring.

    Last year she was caught wearing shorts known as “Daisy Dukes” and even a mini-skirt when visiting the Queen of England, a known fashion faux-paus in the face of royalty. This created a bit of a stir in terms of international relations, due to courtesy and dressing protocol.

    Though her tastes are too expensive, especially considering the economic crisis that plagues Middle-Americans, it is good to see Michell’s styles are far toned down. Let’s look at several numbers and fashion lines the First Lady will wear this spring:

    1. Relaxed Floral Fields for First Lady

    Michelle’s planned spring wardrobe will feature her favorite fashion design: floral fields.

    Michelle has admitted that she cannot get enough floral prints in her preferred wardrobe, so this spring she plans to sport many dresses, tops and skirts in various hues.

    Though Michelle’s wardrobe choice in the picture here costs over $1,300 USD, a similar style can be found at Jones Dress and J. Crew for far less.

    Jones New York dress $99
    J. Crew cardigan $88

    2. Floral Flotations

    Michelle will go for a floating, fresh look this spring and summer, as she tours the world on various relation-oriented meetings. This loose, free-flowing feel gives out a sense of relaxation and eases tension, which is the goal of Michelle as she bridges international and domestic relations. Michelle arrived in Mexico with the pictured dress, and you can arrive anywhere you like by ordering a similar dress from Jones New York.

    Jones New York dress $160

    3. Comfortable and Bright Wraps

    Michelle is known to value comfort and energy when attending private international accords, so it goes to figure that her planned outfits are set to convey such a feeling and exude such an aura into the meeting’s ambiance.

    Here we see the dress Michelle wore when visiting the first lady of Mexico, where a relaxed atmosphere was required to discuss pressing issues in respect to relations between the US and Mexico.

    DVF wrap dress $265.90
    Dolce Vita flats $74.55

    The Casual First Lady

    The First Lady has opted to go with more reserved and covered casual this spring, choosing lighter materials that will prevent overheating in warmer climates, yet allowing her the modesty needed to avoid media scrutiny in choice of comfortable dress.

    The above outfit highlights Michelle’s line of spring and early summer clothing, which will consist of lighter pants with a lighter arrangement of various blouses, belts and jackets.

    Boden essential shirt $68
    Boden cropped cardigan $128
    DKNY cropped white pants $175

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