• Miracle Dog Saves Choking Three Year Old, Cats Refuse Help

    April 25, 2010 9:43 pm 14 comments
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    Yet another story about how dogs are truly God’s gift unto man, and cats represent Satan.

    In today’s proof, a dog heard his three-year-old master gasping for air. She had wandered outside and got her head stuck in a fence. From his bedroom on the second floor, the dog immediately dove through the window, not thinking of his own safety.

    He landed on the ground and broke his right leg and paw. Undeterred, he hobbled to young Alexis and did his best to free her from the fence. With an traumatized leg and paw, however, he just could not save her.

    A dog of action, Moose (a whippet breed) raced toward the home, where he frantically tried to beat down a door to notify his masters that their daughter was in trouble.

    Unable to gain their attention at the side door, the dog, found an open window and with his good front arm, managed to muster all his strength to drag himself through!

    Exhausted, good Moose crawled to the kitchen where he repeatedly barked to his owners. His barks were excited and deliberate, much like Lassie trying to save Timmy from a grizzly bear or mountain lion!

    The masters ran after him as he indicated to open the side door, at which point they opened it and saw their daughter had managed to go outside and get into the fence door. They immediately rushed out and unstuck the girl’s head. Moose, through heroic actions, had saved the girl.

    The family’s two cats sat idly by outside the entire time, not caring for this child or Moose. Moose is a hero, and as we see, cats are evil.

    He then started to madly run around the house, barking.  Thank God for dogs.

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