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    April 5, 2010 3:13 pm 2 comments
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    I’ve recently thought deeply about life and existence and the universe, the sciences and the common sense ideals behind it all. It loosely began with a conversation I had with my mother about the recent blow-up of the corruption in the Catholic church, and how the Pope and the priests are exploiting children and getting away with it. I came to the conclusion that Catholicism at its roots is one man wanting or believing something for himself, and using religious means to convince others through smoke and mirrors that your beliefs are “morally right”, and rationalizing corrupt thoughts. My mother, a protestant Christian, wholly agreed to what I claimed. To myself, I then made comparisons between the intentions of Catholicism and Christianity, and basically religion as a whole.Think of it in the way that Charles Manson warped his followers. He convinced them though non-direct means to rationalize all that he desired to use them to do. Think of it in the way that Scientology or the Polygamists or anyone else related to cults would. It’s all just a front to brainwash people into thinking your intentions are rationalized.

    Christianity is arguably what runs America. I’ve come to the conclusion that Christianity was created to convince people to have morals. Thought the Bible’s stories and “explanations” of science and life, they sprinkle in things like the Ten Commandments and such. In short, I believe that they take the Greek mythology approach to “explain” it all, that they couldn’t possibly understand the reality behind what makes things like floods or lightning, so they quickly assume it’s supernatural Gods, and everyone believes them. Something I’ve thought deeply about, I’m pretty certain I’ve understood it, is the significance of heaven. I believe that heaven is a fictional, man-made “cushion”. I believe that for some, the thought of death with no afterlife is too shocking, and to convince yourself that anything at all exists after death is to ease their minds.

    So now that I’ve explained my interpretation of the significance of religion, I’ll take a turn into another thought. I believe that all that matters about anything is space travel. It’s very simple when you look at all that exists in the universe that the pale blue dot we know best is just an insignificant speck of nothing that we need to escape from. I posed this thought to a friend of mine, who explains that due to the uselessness of our fake morals and the vast existence of the universe, that we as a species have nothing to live for. Sure, we can travel and live and explore, but in the end, we will all die anyways. I pose to him that it’s a struggle between whether or not the knowledge gained before death matters, or if it is just so insignificant that it dies with our bodies upon death. If this is true, all the “knowledge” we place importance on will cease to exist or have meaning eventually.

    This brings up an interview that Joe Rogan had over the subject of what he learned upon being under the influence of the drug, DMT. He compared human lifeforms to cancer and bacteria. We as one are small and insignificant, but our power in numbers takes over the purity of the green Earth and build cities and pollute and kill, just as cancer takes over pure cells and multiplies and kills. With this in mind, I started questioning whether there actually is importance in space travel, like I previously thought, or if we have such a horrible cancerous impact on everything that we should just not even bother bringing ourselves upon the universe. I could stop here, but let’s think from a pro-human standpoint for further thought.

    Let’s say that all that matters to us IS knowledge and space travel. If we’re just going to die, then the most rational way to “fix” that is to find a way to live forever. If we never died, the argument of overpopulation begins, but with space exploration, we just expand the human colony to a moon or to another planet and go from there. I recently saw a post on reddit about a species of jellyfish that regenerates its entire body, essentially living “forever”. If we’ve advanced so far scientifically that we can use cells from a pig to regenerate a man’s cut-off thumb, and we have developments in 3D printing of usable human organs, it is not a distant thought at all to think we can link this jellyfish DNA to our own and create humans that regenerate themselves.

    With all this considered, this creates three conflicting standpoints. 1. If everything that exists will die out, maybe not soon (but in the way that if a black hole ate it all or the sun died and killed everything), does it even matter that we attempt to grow as a species if we lose all knowledge upon death in the end anyway? 2. The second view is pro-human. If we can make the advancements scientifically, morally, and medically, to create humans that exist forever, should we grow and go all “Star Trek”, exploring the universe and establishing colonies throughout galaxies and advancing indefinitely? 3. Finally, if morals and the preserving of the purity and untouched virgin expanses of the planets and the universe holds the most importance, then who are we to think we should bring a caner-like species upon anything else? We’ve seen the corruption we can bring, not only upon ourselves (see Catholicism), but also the environment (rain forest demolition, landfills, etc), and the environments inhabitants (Animal cruelty, food industry), so is the way of human life worth keeping up if it’s at the expense of all that exists? (Consider also, the rationalization in Christianity that God created the fruit, animals, and environment for human consumption, creating a way to convince others that a supernatural force says it’s okay to kill and eat and destroy, that is, if morals are also meaningful or if they’re just another mind-control device.)

    Meaningless Insignificant Existence
    Pro-Knowledge Universe Exploration
    Anti-Human Universal Purity Preservation

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