• Obama Economy Forces Shanty Towns, Hooversvilles to be Built Across America

    April 16, 2010 1:58 am Comments Off on Obama Economy Forces Shanty Towns, Hooversvilles to be Built Across America
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    From sea to shining sea, the American dream has become lost. In a land that was once seperate but equal, with beautiful sprawling suberbs and everyone neatly packed where they belong, we now see something that we have not seen since the time of the cross-dressing J. Edgar Hoover:

    Shantytowns. Hooversvilles. The sign of complete decadence and poor people, offensive to God and country.

    We can’t blame the people who are being forced to live in these conditions, however, as it is instead the elite political powers who have created this climate of rising unemployment and difficulty in securing loans.

    With Obama in office, anyone can fall to the shaft and become the refuse of society. How sad and pathetic it is to see these homeless neighborhoods popping up in our great country. If you see one, be sure to immediately notify your local police and help your city get rid of them in any way possible, be it flooding them out, arrests or other forms of legal shucking.

    If people think this is heartless, sorry, but that’s how you deal with husks. If you want to do something about it, make sure to be moral and vote Obama and his dark administration out of office in 2012. Glory be.


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