• Obama Plays the Race Card Yet Again, Rallies the Blacks/Latino Mexicans

    April 27, 2010 8:05 am 6 comments
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    I am sick and tired of people like Barack Hussein Obama, the ‘honorable’ Reverend Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson playing the race card. They use reverse psychology to make normal people feel bad about not voting for blacks or thinking that someone more qualified for a job shouldn’t get it due to a minority wanting that same job.

    Example: Mr. Grant Oliverus graduated from Harvard summa cum laude with a BA in Business Management. He does his Masters at Harvard Business. He has now worked afterward for 10 years, managing 20 people for 6 of those years. He applies to a new position at his company, Director of Human Resources. Mr. Oliverus has white skin.

    Mr. DeShhamar Jankins played basketball all day and works part time at his local McDonalds. He has a criminal history and has been put in prison several times for 1) selling drugs 2) abuse of baby momma 3) no checks to his children. He sees an ad in job searches that a company is hiring for Director of Human Resources. He applies for this job. Mr. Jankins has afro tinted skin.

    Now normally, you would think no-brainer. Mr. Oliverus should get this job, but unfortunately, Barack Obama is racist and likes affirmative action, so Mr. DeShhamar will get the job. This is how reverse racism and affirmative actions works my friend.

    So it is no surprise that Obama is trying to get all political officers filled by DeShhamar’s nationwide by using reverse psychological racism. He used these tactics to get rid of our Christian Senator John McCain in the presidential election. Despite the fact that McCain was older, a maverick and had a brilliant running-mate, and had a lifetime more experience, Obama was able to come in, much like DeShemmar 1) No experience 2) Drug Use 3) Muslim nation 4) not normal and still somehow make everyone feel guilty and vote for him.

    Now he has a taste of the race card and cannot get enough. In the following picture evidence, you can see the black community having one of their annual meetings about how they will try to twist laws to their favor and create a new Jim Crowe. I could only wish this were the 1950s again, so Martin Luther Deking could put an end to all of this nonsense! Not judged by the color of their skin!

    Look at this secret black power meeting!

    It breaks my heart to know that this day and age, people still think like this and Obama is the ring leader, along with his little cronies. Friends, racists are plotting on natural order in 2010. Let us make our forefathers proud and keep America the way it should be: One Nation, Under God, Indivisible, With Liberty, and Justice for ALL.

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