• Obama, Russia Announce Iran Will Have Nukes in August

    April 14, 2010 7:39 pm 2 comments
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    Pat Heinkel

    Barack Obama has shown his true colors. Only days after announcing the United States will disarm all of its nuclear weapons, Barack Hussein Obama made an appearance with Russia President Medvedev to announce Iran will have nuclear technology by August.

    Obama and Medvedev shook hands as a hush fell over a room of shocked journalists. With one fell swoop of a pen, Barack Obama has betrayed America to the the former Soviet Union. Barack Obama has vowed to terrorists that America will no longer use nuclear weapons, but has now teamed with Russia to help the most powerful terror nation — Iran — to harness the power of nuclear technology.

    America now sits vulnerable, at the heels of Russian conscripts and at the mercy of Iranian nukes. Barack Obama controls the American military for the Saud family and has submitted the power of America to the Vladmir Putin and Medvedev.

    Reports are yet to surface if state schools in America will resume bomb drills for students, as America now stands vulnerable to nuclear attack. It remains unconfirmed if Obama and his family have a secret residence in the middle east or outside the Kremlin at time of report, as White House staff ignored all calls.

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