• Obama Seeks to Legalize the 30 Most Disgusting Things Imaginable

    April 9, 2010 11:09 am 129 comments
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    From feces fantasies to socks sex, our Kenyan-born president is about to embark on one of the greatest challenges to decency in modern history. At risk are our nation’s economy and the souls of our beautiful children. Yet these things matter little for the liberals of this once fantastic country. No, they are more concerned with the narcotic thrills of nasty sex acts, acts that will astonish and sicken you. They may even make you cry! But brush those hot tears of shame away and pick up the phone! There is still time to call your Congressman and demand that he stop this evil in its path! Tell him to vote “No” on the Pedophile Fetishists Celebration Law, also known as the “Employment Non-Discrimination Act.”

    The Employment Non-Discrimination Act (or ENDA) “would prohibit discrimination against employees on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity for civilian nonreligious employers with over 15 employees.” In essence, it would force all sorts of employers to recognize and celebrate the grotesque horny desires lurking behind every worker. Churches would be forced to hire pedophiles, hospitals would mandated to employ amputee-fetishists, employees could saunter around their offices with feces smeared from ear to ear because, hey it’s my dream and protected under Obama’s law!

    This wretched piece of legislation has been introduced to almost every Congress since the wild years of the 1990s and it has been voted down each time. Radical activists have used words like “employment” and “discrimination” to trick the public into thinking this is something good for normal people. Yes, the democrats have once again dug deep into their grimy bag of internet keywords to come up with this one. With the economy in an unmitigated free fall, do we really have the money to waste time on radical liberal ideas like “discrimination”?

    lou sheldon dirty 30

    Fortunately one man has decided to get verbal about sex in America. Of course I’m talking about handsome Lou Sheldon, that silver daddy of anti-homosexual Christian activism that many of us look up to in utter submission to his bulging fortitude. CEO of the Traditional Values Coalition, Reverend Lou knows a thing or two about the most depraved sexual positions in our country today. Formerly Jewish, Lou has been married since the 1950s and is the father of four children. His delightful daughter Andre Lafferty stands by her man today as co-director of the Traditional Values Coalition. And if I may just return to Lou for a moment, let me tell you how hard like a fighter he is after all these years. If you want to find articles connecting homosexuality with pedophilia, Lou’s your man! If you want to learn more about homosexual recruitment in our public schools, Lou’s got the list! If you want an exorcist to scare the gay away, Lou has his vial of holy water ready! So, without further ado, here is Lou Sheldon’s deeply researched list of the immoral things Mr. Obama wants America to legalize so that the end times may arrive. He calls it the “Dirty 30.”

    Reverend Lou’s “Dirty 30”:
    Things Obama Wants You To Accept Into Your Personal Life

    1. Apotemnophilia – sexual arousal associated with the stump(s) of a helpless amputee

    2. Asphyxophilia – sexual gratification derived from activities that involve oxygen deprivation through hanging, strangulation, or other means

    3. Autogynephilia – the sexual arousal of a man by his own perception of himself as a woman or dressed as a woman

    4. Catheterophilia – sexual arousal by insertion of a cold catheter

    5. Coprophilia – sexual arousal associated with feces (human waste)

    6. Exhibitionism – the act of exposing one’s genitals to an unwilling observer to obtain sexual gratification (often done on public transportation)

    7. Fetishism/Sexual Fetishism – obtaining sexual excitement primarily or exclusively from an inanimate object or a particular part of the body (DSM Code 302.81)

    8. Fritters – approaching an unknown woman from the rear and pressing or rubbing the erected penis against her buttocks (DSM Code 302.89)

    9. Hypephilia – a sexual attraction to fabrics (or fashion)

    10. Hebephilia – sex with pubescent children

    11. Gender Identity Disorder – a strong and persistent cross-gender identification, which is the desire to be, or the insistence that one is, or the other sex, “along with“ persistent discomfort about one’s assigned sex or a sense of the inappropriateness in the gender role of that sex

    12. Gerontosexuality – distinct preference for sexual relationships primarily or exclusively with an angry elderly partner

    13. Incest – sex with a sibling or parent

    14. Kleptophilia – obtaining sexual excitement from stealing

    15. Klismaphilia – erotic pleasure derived from enemas

    16. Necrophilia – sexual arousal and/or activity with a corpse

    17. Partialism – A fetish in which a person is sexually attracted to a specific body part exclusive of the person

    18. Pedophilia – Sexual activity with a prepubescent child (DSM Code 302.2)

    19. Prostitution – the art of offering sexual stimulation or intercourse for money

    20. Sexual Masochism – obtaining sexual gratification by being subjected to pain or humiliation (DSM Code 302.83)

    21. Sexual Sadism – the intentional infliction of pain or humiliation on another person in order to achieve sexual excitement (DSM Code 302.82)

    22. Telephone Scatalogia – sexual arousal associated with making or receiving phone calls

    23. Toucherism – characterized by a strong desire to touch the breast or genitals of an unknown woman without her consent; often occurs in conjunction with other paraphilia

    24. Transgenderism – an umbrella term referring to and/or covering transvestitism, drag queen/king, and transsexualism

    25. Transsexual – a person whose gender identity is different from his or her anatomical gender

    26. Transvestite – a person who is sexually stimulated or gratified by wearing the clothes of the other gender

    27. Transvestic Fetishism – intense sexually arousing fantasies, sexual urges, or behaviors involving cross-dressing (DSM Code 302.3)

    28. Urophilia – sexual arousal associated with urine

    29. Voyeurism – obtaining sexual arousal by observing people without their consent when they are undressed or engaged in sexual activity (DSM Code 302.82)

    30. Zoophilia/Bestiality – engaging in sexual activity with animals without their consent


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