• Obama To Pick another Black Afro for Supreme Court Justice

    April 12, 2010 11:34 am 14 comments
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  • America is falling apart, my friends. Obama has ruined our economy and has hidden away our nuclear weapons. He tells our enemies we now have no nukes and even if they attack us, we will not nuke them. This is treason and it shows the political power of Obama that he’s not yet arrested!

    Well now when it rains it pours. Last week we heard that a Supreme Court Justice wanted to retire. Obama is now licking his chops as he prepares to pick a new one. You could have almost guessed who he wanted to pick:

    A women. An afro women. Look at this and how it represents so many wrongs. Liberal. Women judges. The Bible warns against these things.

    How canshe who believes in things like,; abortion. Baby murder. Thieve taxes for poor non-workers. End-of life murder (remember Terry Schiavo, who they killed with liberal twists of the law).

    Gay marriage for all civil rights. All this is EVIL and not in our AMerican Constitution, so therefore it is against GOD and our COUNTRY. The Supreme Court was made to hold up our nation’s integrity, yet we see Obama is racist and is picking the most black people minority to fill the spot when there are thousands for qualified candidates of the rainbow. Odds of him picking this woman due to skill and not just because she is 1) liberal law twister 2) a women 3) afro is slim to none, so I am very disappointed and hope once again that we will ban together to make Congress impeach B.O.

    B.O. means STINKY and so it is no coincidence that those are Obama’s intitials. He is the most foul stench rotten putrid president of all time! Impeach before it’s too late, as he now corrupts even the Highest Court of the Land!

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