• ObamaCare Is Secret Communism

    April 2, 2010 4:54 am 6 comments
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    Communism is against every thing that is American. Ever since 1945, Russians, Cubans and especially the Chinese have conspired to make America kneel before the steel cold boots of communism.

    Now we see there is one more evil to add to the list: ObamaCare. ObamaCare is a secret ploy by crazed neodemocrats where they introduce socialism to America. That want to take all of our wealth and give it to a powerful central government, so they can do things like force us to pay for abortions and allow Iran to have nuclear weapons.

    They want to make sure they have the power to completely remove the teaching of Christ from our schools and they have no right.

    ObamaCare is a way to do all these things because 1, it will allow the government to charge us all a new communist tax. 2, those who stand in the way of ObamaCare will be cut out of getting healthcare. You will be left to die if you disagree with Obama or any of his Trotsky successors.

    This is a very sick way to undermine the authority of the Constitution and the right of America to be a Christian nation. Let us continue to boycott ObamaCare and demand it gets repealed, so that Obama and his cronies may not do these things to our country.

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