• On Serena Williams, Venus Williams and Tennis Domination

    April 12, 2010 1:07 pm 5 comments
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    Something is amiss. ChristWire reader Brad Cooper sent the following message to the HolyMailbox and it really grabbed my attention:

    “Dear Sirs,

    I a huge tennis fan, having played since I was eight and competitively through high school. One thing that has always disturbed me about tennis (more recently) are the Williams sisters.

    Yes, they are exciting to watch and, yes, their power and footwork is tough to match. It is no wonder they are very dominant.

    My concern has always been (I’m not trying to be mean in any way) is if they may actually be…well, men. I know Jamie Lee Curtis has a thing where she’s supposed to be a guy, and then there was that runner from Africa during the Olympics.

    They are pretty big and bulky to be women, aren’t they? Not that I’m trying to take away anything from them, just an observation and I’ve never seen it addressed. I thought you guys might want to look into it. I’ve attached a photo of one of them, recently taken at a beach. Thanks guys and I enjoy your message, look forward to tomorrow’s messages!


    Brad C

    Thanks, Brad. First, let’s look at the image Brad sent us. It hurt my eyes. Warning: The following image media contains a scantily clad individual. Please pray and have women/children leave the room before reviewing for sporting edification and judgment.

    When looking at this picture, my mind also thought back to the story of the young woman from Africa, who was found to actually be a man.

    Though many have speculated on the testosterone levels of these super female athletes, it could be that they also have a higher level of myostatin in their genes. Myostatin causes animals that look like this and this, and then can even cause babies to become amazingly muscular.

    With that, it is impossible to tell with these Williams sisters. They are truly impressive athletes and have brought excitement to the droll word of women sports. I say we just take that and enjoy their tennis play, and hope that they also show more modesty and act more lady-like on and off the court. The photo above is very raunchy and not befitting someone who is a role-model, in my opinion.

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