• Pastor Fred Phelps Is Not A Secret Gay Pedophile!

    April 4, 2010 8:41 am 130 comments
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  • westboro baptist church and homosexuality

    I am completely fed up with the gossip, blog posts and innuendos so let me state this very clearly: Pastor Fred Phelps is not a secret gay pedophile! I don’t know what liberal underground organization has been spreading these nasty rumors but they are wholly unproven and offensive. In fact, no one in Pastor Fred’s organization has confirmed these vicious statements and the pastor himself is happily married and has even fathered several children. Let me assure you, we ARE NOT on the verge of another Ted Haggard-type scandal. Yes, Phelps does live in close quarters with many barrel-chested young men (it’s Kansas after all!) and he is a self-admitted expert on the indulgences of homosexual fornication. And yes, “Fred never, ever misses a Pride parade!” as one gay circuit party promoter has noted, but like many Christian thinkers today he finds it necessary to experience gay environments firsthand for his work. Homosexuality is one of those “cutting edge” issues that people of faith must deal with. Those of us who humbly seek to educate our brothers and sisters about the dangers of sodomy and gay male love need to be deeply informed about all aspects of homosexual activity, no matter how intimate or disgusting.

    Phelps belongs to a new breed of Christians like Peter LaBarbera, NOM’s Brian Brown, Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins and journalists such as myself, respected men who have dedicated their lives to ferreting out the homosexuals in our midst. Many of us have sacrificed families and marriage to get into the homosexual mindset so we can better understand how these lacivious and hard-bodied perverts live their lives, why they desire our young and hearty men, and what can be done to stop their unnatural cravings for utter dominance. We live and breathe the gay world. It’s a dangerous task and there are many amongst us who have fallen prey to the dangers of the male-on-male lifestyle, but we must join together and be strong for our work is noble and important!

    fred phelps and homosexuality

    In the past, Fred Phelps has drawn the ire of many for his provocative stances on homosexuality. From protesting the funerals of Iraq War veterans to coining the slogan, “God Hates Fags,” Pastor Phelps’ Westboro Baptist Church has been at the center of many, many controversies. He even supported Al Gore’s candidacy in 1988 and has received awards from the NAACP. Rumors of him primping in his best clothes for the many gay pride marches he attends are fabulously exaggerated, however, as are the suggestions that he has wandering eyes whenever the floral floats of leather men pass his way. I also realize that since he is a preacher there may be accusations out there that Fred has a history of abusing children and has led an active, albeit secret, gay life. Some have even suggested that he has used his anti-gay rhetoric to hide his flamboyant sexual orientation. According to the liberals, this type of excessive homophobia often masks deep feelings of inadequacy due to one’s true sexual nature and acts. “He’s a case study of the self-hating gay,” one expert has lamented. But what is psychology but a tool of the weak-minded to gain access to state-funded drugs and disability payments?

    Anyone can see that Phelps is obsessed with homosexuals, but out of disgust, not an incessantly throbbing physical need. Those close to him have denied that Pastor Phelps has engaged in any recent overt acts of homosexuality, nor that he has used his official computers to download large amounts for gay porn, “other than for research purposes.” And although the family sleeps in close quarters and the sweaty farm boys are often left alone with Phelps, local authorities have no recent police records of sexual abuse at the secretive church compound that some liberal groups liken to a cult in the manner of the Branch Davidians or Warren Jeff’s Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

    One person close to Phelps noted it would be very difficult for him to have a secret gay life. “He’s too well known in Topeka, so he’d have to be paying male prostitutes like Ted Haggard or sexually abusing his handsome male relatives, but he’s definitely not hanging out at the local homosexual bathhouse.” Another erroneously suggested he might be sneaking off for anonymous rendez-vous with truckers in public restrooms, “just like [former Senator] Larry Craig.” If that’s the case, it certainly fits his profile as a “power bottom” into “verbal abuse and humiliation, leather and dressing up as a Nazi,” according to one disreputable scholar who has studied tapes of the pastor’s angry tirades against everything from Sweden to sodomy.

    So for the record, let me state this again: Pastor Phelps is absolutely not a secret homosexual pervert. He is not now nor has he ever been a member of any homosexual organization including ActUp, LAMBDA or Manhunt. Extensive searches of public records do not show any connection, and although many private documents and databases of gay organizations are unavailable to reporters because they do not fall under the Freedom of Information Act and homosexuals are sneaky that way, I am confident that Pastor Phelps has nothing to hide about a secret dedication to homosexual depravity.


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