• Poll: Is It Okay for A Christian Husband to Gently Beat His Wife

    April 19, 2010 7:41 pm 164 comments
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  • Several months ago, I had a frank discussion in a Townhall meeting, on a very controversial subject: discipline in the family.

    As America has grown liberal in recent years, it has grown out of fashion to punish one’s children or wife with swift strikes of a switch or belt. The time has come where such actions could lead to punitive dictates by a court of law.

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    My question to the public was grounded in one simple fact: the more a man allows his family to break order and lack discipline, the more we see rise in negative things in our culture: high divorce rate, teenage pregnancy, obesity, high crime rate, gun violence, school violence and increased spread in drug use.

    Men no longer dominate their homes with morality. Instead, households worldwide are liberal breeding grounds. When I published the original article, Is It Okay For A Christian Husband to Gently Beat His Wife, there was a surprising outrage from men and women, as if I dared to mention more than chastisement. Emails and even phone calls from those who have obtained my contact information continue to this day. Why is America so bent on allowing its own destruction.

    Children and women need guidance: the Bible makes this fact abundantly clear and since the 1950s, when true, loving discipline started to lose ground, we have all bore witness to the cultural decay that results.

    Wives do need gentle ‘prodings’ when they step out of line, much like children. Much as you would swiftly rap a child’s hand should he try to stick a fork in an electrical outlet, the same one may need to do to a wife’s cheek should she challenge authority in a damaging way. “NO,” you should tell her should she do something that is harmful to her or the family, but she may be too fickle or naive to immediately see.

    As it stands, it is always good to get an official barometer on such things. I’ve forwarded this poll to several interest groups so they can pitch in with opinions and votes. Should men gently discipline their wives in a loving manner, such as is done with children? Please vote in the poll up above and politely share any additional thoughts you may have on this subject.

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