• Rio De Janiero Flooded With Holy Waters

    April 6, 2010 7:19 pm 4 comments
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    Rio de Janiero is one of the most sin-filled filth cities on Earth. The Mexicans there no know bounds to depravity, so God had to flood them with holy rains from heaven. Behold!

    It really breaks my heart to see this have to happen to cities. The Bible warns there will be terrible weather as we approach the end times and look what these poor savages have brought upon their little town.

    Drugs, murder, solictiation. Carnival. Somewhere down there they have a big mountain with Jesus statue on top of it, but too bad the people were so busy being whores that they forgot who their Lord and Savior is. They knew better and now sadly, they have payed the price.

    There are stories of some of the natives there having their tipis wash away in the Amazon and then huts were sliding down mountains.
    Witnesses reports women and children ran in circles from fear and panic. I didn’t bother to see if any of them were hurt, but more importantly there are no reports of any Americans being hurt or killed in this flood.

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