• Satan Now Teaching Animals How to Sin

    April 18, 2010 11:24 pm 9 comments
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    Well, well, well. We already knew animals get possessed by demons, but yet I’ve heard not too much about this happening in the ocean.

    We all remember from Sunday school about Jesus and the swine who had demons, but have you ever heard of a demon octopus?

    Now I’m sure you’re thinking that, “Well Japanese pervert Octupus so much with their pornography videos and anime fare” and that’s true, that’s pretty demonic but that’s moreso the animals being exploited.

    What I have for you here is just more research I conducted on YouTube today (borrowing my neighbor’s computer) about a look into Satanic possession of sea creatures. Today we find proof of how a demonic Octopus has been taught to break the Ten Commandments.

    Here is the Octopus breaking “Thou shalt not steal”. He may have coveted a bit here too, but stealing is the main thing.

    Disclaimer: This video may make your kids think stealing is cool, since an octopus is doing it. When reviewing with wife and childrens, please make sure to remind them just how hot fire can get and then remind them that for breaking any of God’s commands, they risk getting boiled in fiery hot lava for all eternity. View with gullible family members at own risk.

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