• Satan Tried To Infiltrate My Home

    April 22, 2010 11:23 pm 26 comments
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  • Children of God, I have an important message for you all.

    I regret to inform you that I caught my ex-son, Caleb, in one of the most sinning acts in the eyes of our lord. Yes, fellow cristians, I have caught my ex-son in a homo-gay relationship.

    Satan has tried to infiltrate my house of God by using one of my own spawn. Under the ‘watchful’ eye of my less than trustworthy wife, I found that he has been partaking in dabbling in Satan’s pool of Homosexual lies. He has blinded my ex-child to the light of god, influencing him to walk the path of a sinner. I tried to show him of God, but the gay Japanese had already gotten to him with their gay anime pornography.

    I found games such as Pokemon and Harvest Moon in his room. I have researched these games and found out that they use shiney graphics and cutesy beasts to lure children into buying the satanic homo-bait. I have discovered these games involve subtle homo-gay messages that fill your child’s minds with filth, such as disgusting transexuals and dressing males in disgraceful gay outfits designed by the Japanese.

    I urge you to search through your child’s room for any games and research them online. You never know where satan is hiding.

    Fear not, for I have already kicked this sinner out of my house and disowned him as my own child. I pray daily that his homosexual lies have not gotten to my two, beautiful christian daughters. My wife has recieved a gentle beating for her part in this unholy act of satan.

    Satan has tried to destroy my peaceful, christian home using one of the most filthy methods of all. I have managed to stay strong and faithful to my lord, and will as many times as I must.

    I must seek advice from you all. How should I further act to redeem my family in the eyes of the holy Lord?http://www.godhatesfags.com/

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