• Satan’s Face Seen in Eyjafjallajokull Volcano

    April 17, 2010 10:54 pm 28 comments
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    As you know, last week God was forced to blow up a volcano in Iceland to burn them for considering the allow of gay marriage.

    Nothing burns God’s temper more than the thought of a man using his dingle dangle to dabble into another man’s backsides! It makes God sick and angry! Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve sicko Iceland!

    So with anger kindled, God let his fires of wrath explode and it resulted in the Eyjafjallajokull volcano igniting and destroying half of Iceland, as Ireported right in the heat of battle.

    Now as we see God’s wrath is blanketing all of Europe with an unprecedented cloud of smothering smoke, we are also getting time to review this image from up above with our satellite technology.

    One image, right above the exploded image, stood out above the rest. It is a good one.

    The image you are about to witness contains the tortured face of Satan. You can see he is screaming as God is searing him with the high heats of a volcano! The lava burns hotter than the core of Earth itself! It is searing the worst of demons, Satan, and God is just getting started. This is still God taking the fridge thermostat and having it on the ice cold setting, he is getting to make it MUCH hotter.

    On this photograph you see Satan screams and begs for mercy, but God has turned deaf ears to his screams just like all of Europe who supported anti-Christian things and forgot their heritage in Christ! Warning: The following image contains the face of Satan. First, contact your local parish and pray before viewing, anointing your room with blessed holy oil. After praying, immediately order your wife and any children to leave the room and remain praying while you review this media and pass it to your parenting group.

    Update: According to the National Weather Review, the fallout from this volcanic explosion is expected to last for one week. I shall pray for it to last ten days, so mark your calendars and behold God.

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