• Scientists “Discover” New Evolution Fossil in Cave

    April 4, 2010 5:18 pm 27 comments
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  • Scientists are once more claiming to find “breaking” evidence that proves evolution, all in the form of fossils.

    Several months ago, scientists claimed that a lemur monkey, named Ida, inevitably proved that a primitive form of mankind procreated with a monkey to give rise to you and me.

    Evolutionists believe that we descend from monkeys and human evolution occurred when a man had sexual relations with a female monkey. Now they are claiming to find yet another fossil that corroborates their “science”.

    AOL News Reports:

    The missing link between humans and their ape-like predecessors could be filled in this week with the unveiling of a 2 million-year-old skeleton believed to be that of a new species of evolutionary primate, according to the London Telegraph.

    The almost-complete fossilized child’s skeleton, discovered in a limestone cave in South Africa by Professor Lee Berger of the country’s University of the Witwatersrand, is believed to provide new clues about the evolutionary gap between the ape-like Australopithecus afarenis, which emerged almost 4 million years ago, and Homo habilis, the first species of advanced humans, which emerged 2.5 million years ago.

    Already, we see the lies being formed. Scientists are now wildly claiming that the advanced humans are 2.5 million years old. While their claims are not as their initial assertions, where they said Ida was ten million years old, it’s all still impossible as the Earth is approximately 6,000 years old.

    Humanity cannot be any older than the Earth itself. Their ridiculous report continues:

    Scientists found a nearly-complete fossilized skeleton that may be a missing link in the evolution of humans in a cave in South Africa’s Sterkfontein region. Here, tourists explore a cave in the area last year.

    The new species is believed to be a hominid, a group of evolutionary primates including humans, that existed during the intermediary phase when apelike species evolved into humans.

    This is the evolution portion of science to which I alluded a bit earlier. You see, scientists believe that it is possible for a man and monkey to have intimate relations. This is probably where the gays get their ideas that if its okay for a man to mate with monkey, why not a man with his own kind.

    The reason this is all a sham is because the Bible specifically says it is an abomination and not natural for a man to lie with man or beast. God would never allow us to evolve from a man-beast relation. He simply created man at the dawn of time, and from the rib of man created the first woman, of whom he charged responsible for carrying her husband’s children and tending to them until reaching maturation.

    The lies of these scientists know no end:

    South African President Jacob Zuma has visited the university to view the fossils ahead of Thursday’s much-anticipated unveiling.

    Some scientists are hailing the discovery as a significant revelation. Professor Phillip Tobias, an eminent human anatomist, colleague of Professor Berger and one of three experts to first identify Homo habilis in 1964, called the finding “wonderful” and “exciting.”

    Who in their right mind would trust the South Africans? It is these backyard stiffnecks who fought to keep Apartheid and good men like Nelson Mandela imprisoned. Shame on these scientists for supporting a racist government who stole land and rights from the natural South Africans, all due to color? Curses upon them for supporting apartheid regimes?

    All these things are against morality and cannot be trusted, so just by proxy the words and findings of Professor Tobias cannot be trusted. There is no integrity to the morals of South Africa so skepticism must prevail when any “claim” comes from that region.

    And look at the photographic evidence. If they really had a full skeleton fossil they would show better documentation than a cheap tourist trap in an apartheid country that senselessly enslaved people within the last 50 years. They would instead focus their efforts on giving aide to all the victim South Africans.

    Scientists claim a new fossil in South Africa proves evolution and therefore the Big Bang theory, describing how modern man’s origin comes from a man having intimate relations with a female monkey. (photo credit – AP)

    Instead, however, we see these scientists have no conscious and continue trying to convince everyone that their fossil is legit:

    “To find a skeleton as opposed to a couple of teeth or an arm bone is a rarity,” Tobias told the Telegraph, adding that “it is one thing to find a lower jaw with a couple of teeth, but it is another thing to find the jaw joined onto the skull, and those in turn uniting further down with the spinal column, pelvis and the limb bones.”

    Who’s to say Satan didn’t just bury some bones there to throw people off the word of God? It is just as plausible and far more likely than the Big Bang, which scientists have no empirical or statistical way to prove, with a 95% significant level of confidence, that it happened. Therefore, according to their own measures, this finding has to be rejected.

    Friends, Satan works in underhanded ways and he is corrupting our scientists. He is trying to turn science against religion so we cannot discover the neat mysteries God has laid out for us in the universe. God gave us a basic understanding of our past: we were create in his image. Adam and Eve were created, man and woman, and in marriage used their secret parts to multiply. We are to follow suit and move forward, discovering the world around us until he comes back to bring us all to heaven and judge all hell bound demons like these evolution scientists:

    The skeleton is believed to have been preserved by the limestone contained in the Malapa cave where it was found in the Sterkfontein region of South Africa, considered part of the “Cradle of Humanity.”

    Experts said the discovery of a nearly-complete skeleton was noteworthy as the fossil record of early human species has largely been built through the study of small, disjointed bones. Skull fragments and jaw, finger, hand and wrist bones have thus far provided the best clues about the early human species like Homo habilis.

    The new skeleton could provide new clues about the transition between the human species and its extinct, apelike ancestors. The pelvis and limb bones of the new skeleton could shed light on how apelike hominids began to stand upright. The hand bones could provide evidence about when modern humans began to use stone tools.

    “A find like this could really increase our understanding of our early ancestors at a time when they first started to become recognizable as human,” Dr. Simon Underdown, an expert on human evolution at Oxford Brookes University, told the Telegraph.

    The unveiling of the fossilized skeleton Thursday will reportedly set off a media campaign and inspire a television documentary.

    The finding is said to be the most important of its kind since an almost-complete fossil of a 3.3 million year old Australopithecus, nicknamed Little Foot, was found in Sterkfontein in 1994.

    These are all veiled lies. Scientists try to cover their true agenda with a bunch of made of statistics. The truth is that God is God alone and the foundation of science lays in your Bible.

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