• So Cruel: Orangutans Forced to Kickbox

    April 12, 2010 5:05 am 8 comments
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    Sick atheist depravity strikes again. The cult of atheism believes in evolution. They think a primitive human male had sexualized relations with a female monkey!


    Now they have gone over the line and are abusing orangutans to further their Satanic agenda. Behold their evil:

    These evolutionists are now using kickboxing to make us believe in their fake science. They have forced these monkeys to become gladiators and engage in a battle to the death!

    What’s even more sick is they have a woman one dolled up in a dress to fight and show her depravity in carnal battle. I could only wish this were 2,000 years ago because I would show up to this atheist coliseum and boo them as I threw stones at all sinners!

    Animals are the creation of God and it is the responsibility of man to care for nature. It is our duty to protect and cherish all the lesser creatures and people of Earth for their own good, but we see these lowlifes don’t even have such decency.

    I thought it couldn’t get any lower than how the Mexicans bullfight cows or make roosters battle one another. Now we see their sickness has reached all new levels.

    I pray these monkeys give them great plague for what they have done because it is what atheists deserve for resorting to such things to trick kids to believe in evolution.

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