• Topeka Google, April Fool’s Day Joke (Google Topeka Kansas)

    April 1, 2010 6:50 am 1 comment
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  • As many colleagues report on the changes of internet search giant Google changing the name of its site to Topeka, I just wanted to relay how great a moment this is for America.

    For years America has been in need of a “city on the hill”. A moral compass.

    Topeka is well known as being a unique place. A bastion of conservatism, a place for young people and a community of morality. It is a place ripe for more growth and how great is it to see that the fastest growing American company, Google, is embracing a city that is at least 96% Republican Christian and still hip enough to so greatly support Google.

    After reading Amber Cooper’s troubling report of Why does Google Say Topeka? and then Jack Gould’s naturally better and educational How To Topeka’d Something (Formerly Googling or Googled), it is quite obvious that Google has become Topeka due to Topeka’s unique place where conservative America meets the new age frontier of the internet.

    It warms my heart to see the marriage of a strong American business and a Republican America city join together in morality and conservatism, values that America was built upon.

    Topeka is the new city upon the hill, the place where we look toward. So bless Topeka for showing its support of American business by trying to change its name to Google, and for Google, who today is now naming itself after a great town with values and morality. I’m off to do some Topekaing of the internet before heading off to breakfast.

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