• Tuesday Laughter With Abe Goodman

    April 20, 2010 9:49 pm 5 comments
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    Dear friends, after a long and dreary Monday, it is always great fun to have a little chuckle to get through the rest of the week. Therefore I have taken it upon myself to bring you a abit of, God’s laughter at some really hilarious pictures and jokes I have compiled.

    I have other good news to share before helping tickle your funny bone. I will make a more formal announcement, but it seems I have been elected to serve Jury Duty for my township. It seems the courts have recognized my ability to judge and tell when people are not living their lives as God ordered! Therefore they have asked me to serve us judge and decide what likely minorities ahve committed crimes and such.

    I am not sure how long they will want me to provide this service, but I’m told it can be a month so I may not be here to advise all of you. At any rate, more on all this later and on with the laughter!

    1. Absolut Failures

    Obama is drunk with power, therefore this is good humor!

    2. Dumbnocrats

    3. Obama is a Donkey Mistake! :)

    Here is one from my cousin’s truck

    Keep your change Obama!

    I bet Obama and all his gay aids friends get really sad by this one. Haha!

    Well anyway, I’m just having a little fun before doing my Christian duty to serve as judge and jury for my court. Hopefully you enjoy the laughter and now see even us great judges has a funny bone! Glory to God for humor!

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